Nevelson's life subject to possible documentary

Louise and Neith Nevelson pose for Art in America (1965) pictures by Ugo Mulas.

The life and times of the ever popular artist Neith Nevelson, granddaughter of the great sculptor Louise Nevelson, may be the subject of a possible film documentary, according to Carl Kesser, President and founder of Carl Kesser Productions, a film production company out of South Florida.

Only on the early stages of pre-production technicalities, Neith's life has always been shrouded in mystery and fable-making. From her life in Malibu, Beach, to her activism in Florence, Italy, to her life with her grandmother, the fact is that Neith's life is anything but common.

Never before published picture of Neith Nevelson (1965).

The documentary, which will be based on the private collection of an art-collector, will cover Neith's early life, her days working in the studio with her grandmother, her activism in Europe and her unexpected move to Miami, where she is still reside.

Her art, like much of her personal life, has been the subject of critique and often outright spite by many. Ironically, Neith Nevelson has fought the system and in many ways chosen to go her own way, often against a family that has chosen to be idolatrous of Louise's legacy as opposed to accepting Neith's as possible heir to the Nevelson name.

Much has been written about Neith, very little understood. The most insightful historiography that has ever been done was in a 1996 Miami Herald feature article of its long-defunct "Tropic" magazine and most recently, in Miami's New Times, 2004. Both attempted to focus on the personal, while choosing to ignore the artistic.

While many don't even want to give Neith Nevelson for creating a truly unique body of work, others simply continue to ignore her calling it "derivative." Of course, they're unable to explain why that is so, or unable to explain why most works of art are derivations of earlier forms of art, or, as the critic Allan Bloom would say, "the art of influence."

What many forget is that "the establishment" chose to ignore Louise Nevelson until later on in her adult life, and this was basically as a result of her wooden architectural elements assembled from found subjects. Similarly, while much has been written about Louise's art, most of what she created was influenced by Cubism and Surrealism, which seems to be, essentially, what most modern and contemporary art is a derivation from.

Neith's life is rich and enigmatic.

Her life of enduring poverty, is one which baffles many considering that her grandmother's estate was valued at over $100,000,000 upon her death in 1989. One thing is clear, this is not an easy family to live with, and one for which much has yet to be written.

Neith, still living and still producing amazing works of art, seems to be the one whom through much will be written about the Nevelson name.


Anonymous said...

Is any family idolatrous of their famous member? Is it possible to be idolatrous of someone who you see sleeping, eating, farting, snoring, drunk, etc.? The fame of the person does interfere with the familial relationships but certainly does not create a situation where the family idolizes that person - it is impossible - they are too close!

Other Nevelson family members could also use the money that Louise's estate was valued at and have seen very little to none of it yet pay the price daily for being Nevelsons. If you are born related to Louise Nevelson you had better damn well be perfect in everything. You also must be whatever it is that people think Louise' offspring must be like because none of us have EVER made the public happy. I do not know what they expect of us but they forever make it clear that we are not it.

Anonymous said...

They look like twins, Louise & Neith!

longdistancesister said...

Wow. I can't believe that you have not corrected the text here. I resent your mischaracterization of family as idolatrous of Louise or somehow refusing to accept the value of Neith's work. Simply not true. Now there IS a Nevelson creating work that I would call "derivative" but Neith is not that person.

Anonymous said...

So little is known about Neith's life, yet so much is known about Louise's. That's the problem. The Nevelson clan has never spoken the truth about Neith's life, and very little about themselves either.

Telemundo, the Spanish network, is interested in Neith's lifestory and there are plans to turn her life into a biographical story. Neith already did a few guest spots in a few key market shows from the same network.

Isabel said...

I first seen Neith work when I was living in Key West, Florida and took a trip to Miami it was a wow and I've never have forgotten her amazing work. She's an amazing and even if she's wasn't a Nevelson she still wow the world with her awesome talent. I am happy that Telemundo is planning to do a biographical I think for it's important that Neith be known to the world as she already is but more. I hope she continues to make beautiful work and I give Jorge Reyes a stand up for being a true friend.....I know I will never own a piece of Neith work but just looking at her work is enough for me to appreciate her talent. God Bless her.